Dear users of our guest book service.

For over 10 years we have offered a free guest book service on our website. A project that has been creating many interesting contacts with people over the years. But the technology has changed, user behaviour online has also changed which has led to a decreased need for such services during recent years. This has been reflected in the use of our service that has declined continuously. In conjunction with a crash on the server that handles the guest book service we were forced to abruptly close the service. In order to regain the function the code running the service needs to be installed on a new modern server. That requires extensive modifications to the code, as if taking in consideration what has been said, no point to do calculating the resources required.

Therefore, today, October 21, 2012 the decision was taken not to continue with this free guest books service!

We apologize for all those who might be adversely affected by this.
Thanks to all the users and visitors of the time that has been.

Founder and manager of

Patrik Ryzko
Patrik Ryzko

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